Thank you all for the prayers......

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Scoobsmom, Jan 20, 2004.

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    they hired me as an intermittant person..meaning...a floater. It will be very sporatic, which I want. I will know more Monday when I go in to meet the supervisor. I think they want me full- part time, but I do not desire that yet, still recoverying from surgery, and also I have fibro that is very relavent right now. So this is a test...only a test....and I ask the Lord to give me the ability and the stamina to do this. My husband and I agree that I must not work a lot. We are fine financially, though it has been a sacrafice in some area's (But God is good!). And I have my young son that needs me to be available physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

    Thank you all for your prayers!!!!!!!!! I sensed His presence through out the day....Gentle hugs to all

    Oh beadlady; unsure what PRN really stands for but it means kinda on call...when others are unavailable or whatever. Smile.
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    May the /Lord continue to bless you. Good luck.
    Keep the faith.

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    I will keep you in my prayers that you may have the physical and mental strength to carry out your job duties.

    I was a "floater" one year at JC Penny's during Christmas shopping days. Loved it, never knew what dept. I would be working in until I got to work that day. Of course I liked some depts better than others but it was still fun. I worked this PT job in addition to my regular FT job. When Christmas was over, they offered me to stay on as a regular employee, I declined because they could not hire me as full time.

    Good luck to you as you head out to this new adventure!!