Thank you all for your prayers

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by janie056, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. janie056

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    I called the doctor and he did give me something different for the pain.
    About an hour or two after my post last night I had a little releif and I know that your prayers for me helped!
    I was able to sleep six hours!
    The pain is still there but it's down a couple of notches.
    I can't sit so I'm going back to lay down and again thank you for your prayers the calm that came over me was wonderful, thank you Jesus!


    I'm all set for next wed. surgery had pre-op this morning and I actually can't wait!
  2. bandwoman

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    I am sorry you have had such a hard time. I prayed for you but didn't see your post until the next day after you had already got some relieve.

    I have been continuing to pray for your surgery and for the doctors and nurses and all that will be involved in your surgery next Wed.

    I have been praying that you will have peace about it and that it will of course be successful. Take care and I hope these days leading up to the surgery day will not be so painful for you.

  3. 143alan

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    Janie, I'm praying for you daily. I am also praying for your surgeon and everyone who will be touching you during and after the surgery. God is the great physician and his healing is in his time and not ours, which I'm learning more and more everyday.

    I slept for 4 hours last night, the longest straight time so far..yippee! I know you will do well, because you are a strong woman of faith and love.

    My doctor's appt got moved to next Tuesday, but I don't have anything on Wed so will be praying all through your surgery. Tell Craig to call me and let me know how you're doing...OK!

    Love Ya
    TN Nancy