Thank you all for your support!!

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    I just want to thank everyone on this board for helping me through this! THis seems to be the only place where I feel somewhat normal.(If that is at all possible for me.) Reading these posts and these replies is a Godsend... I am getting the pain under control finally with the help of my rheummy. But now I feel side effects from all the meds..
    Darvocett prn as needed
    neurontin 200mg at night
    elavil 10mg at night
    doxycycline 200mg per day
    norflex 1090mg per day
    prozac 20mg per day
    thyroid 1 grain per day
    seasilver liquid vitamin
    aloe vera juice
    olive leaf extract
    I have been on doxy for over two weeks now and I dont know If I can be herxing still, (mycoplasma pneumonae) But the pain is taking a step back. well thanks again to everyone and any info is appreciated as far as side effects from these meds regarding tiredness and spaciness and nausea.
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