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    I want to thank all of you for your prayers and support. This is one experience tht will take me awhile to get over but Jim and I feel that this other doctor that we know that we are going to go see will listen and we plan on telling him the horror story of what happened. My dgt was so angry last night after my hubby told her about what happened that she wants the name of the doctor and said she was going to check her out. She works at a rehab center and knows a lot of doctor's and is going to ask them about that doctor and she mentioned some other procedure that she said they do that she thinks I should have first and says it's not evasive. My hubby said he wanted her to go with us when we see the new doctor.

    Your thoughtfulness means so much to me and I thank you and agree with you 100% that I have a great hubby. I am so exhausted today and plan on taking it easy, (except I am still trotting to the bathroom).

    rily.....I will keep you posted after I see my new doctor and let you know what other kinds of procedure that they have and hopefully when your time comes I will know something better for you to ask about.

    God Bless You All,

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    found you slipped over to page 2 and wanted those who you intended this for to see it.

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    Thank You for bumping for me.


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