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    I just wanted to thank all of you for being there for me when I was just a kid!! LOL I didn't know all the steps and rules and now I know. I am so glad that I found this site and you people are great. A real inspiration. Thank you. I was watching our local news tonight and they FINALLY had something on about us Fibro people and it was kind of scarry cuz I read something on the message board that someone was gonna plead to his or her local media about our problems. Then here it was. It was totally cool. I listen to the local news every single day and have never heard anything about us. (even though they didn't pronounce Fibro correctly) BUT the woman that they had on as a example was just too too responsive to treatmeant and was like cured. Why doesn't that happen to any of us??? or has it??? I would like to know. Has this happened to any or you?? How come some people feel better and some get worse??? It's not suppossed to be a progressive disease but I feel like it is. I am getting worse as the years go on. Any input on this for me??? Thanks all of you. Gentle hugs and I am so happy that I found you.