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    I just can't get over how wonderful this group is. I have never been on a message board before where so many nice people answer you post or have suggestions for you or just to say hello. I'm so glad my friend sent me an article from this board. This was just the kind of board I was looking for and could not find on my own. Every one of you who replied to my post I want to personally thank you. The one who told me that this board saved his life. I can see why.
    I can't post much tonight and I wanted to go to the chat room but I have my 31/2 year old grandaughter again tonight and I have to get up and take her to preschool and pick her up tomorrow and I'm now feeling the effects of my sleeping pill. Went back to the dr. today about my surgical foot and most of the inflammation is gone but some. In two days if its still quite sore in one area I have to refill the medrol dosepack and take it again. I think the fibro is the cause of this inflammation, but I could be wrong. In the book that I'm reading on fibro, it mentions thyroid problems might be a cause of fibro. I had hyperthyridism about a year and a half ago. I took the radium and had the nodules biopsyed and they were beneign, but I have to take a thyroid replacement the rest of my life and I don't remember having any symptoms of Fibro before that. But who knows the real reason. Last year I had to have 3 surgeries. one to remove my gallbladder, my foot was operated on then also, and then I had to have a cataract removed that I got as a side effect from Steriod injections in my back. They don't tell you what steriods can do to your eyes, I guess because everybody doesn't have the same reaction. I took 3 treatments of steriod injections,which was 3 injections per treatment, so that was a total of 9 injections straight into my spine. These kinds of injections are given in the oupatient surgical clinic under very clean and cold rooms. The last session did not help my back problem at all but I still got the side effect of cataracts on both eyes. I'm still waiting for the other one to move so it can be removed. The only positive thing about a cataract is that when they do remove it and replace it with a lens, it does make your eyesight better and I won't have to worry about getting old age cataracts, lol,lol,lol,. Well I must go to bed now so I can get up tomorow at 7am I hope. I'm going to bed with a positive attitude that I will be fine tomorrow.
    Again, thank you all who replied to my post. I can never tell you how much it meant to me. Thanks so much and I hope everyone of you has a pain free day. Janice