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    I would like to thank everyone who replied to my post.So i am taking the advice that i was given and making an see my doctor.Wish me luck! But he has already told me that having fibromyalgia is not a serious enough problem that i should be taking that strong of an narcotic so i know he is not going to write perscription for oxycontin or anything else similiar to it. if anyone knows of a pain clinic in Rock Hill ,South Carolina or surrounding areas please let me know.With only having medicaid for insurance it is hard to get in pain clinics.And by the way my current doctor is DR.AFULUKWE,of HEATH SPRINGS MEDICAL CENTER of HEATH SPRINGS ,SOUTH CAROLINA.
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    just bumping you so those you intended this post for will see it.
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    you might not need pain pills there are other scripts that can help like lyrica neurontin cymbalta these drugs help with nerve pain so mabe your dr will give them to you easier than oxycontiee what he says good luck. my dr just put me on cymbalta so ill let you know how i do in a couple of weeks. charlene

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