Thank You all who gave word's of comfort, understanding

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    today being the anniversary of my mom's death.

    I read each post, you have all really helped in way's you will never know.

    My heart goes out to each of you who have lost a loved one, especially those like me who were young and only children.

    I was just thinking that the only person besides my father ( who is alive, but we are not close)that also knew my mother was my best friend who died at 35 from breast cancer. How ironic is that. My grandmother/father are gone(mom's side) mom was an only child.

    I forgot who mentioned there mom teaching thier son "orge" and said orgy, that's cute.:)

    One of the reason's I have not wanted a child is because of the fear of me dying young and leaving them. Now I can't because of my physcial condtion, but I'm o.k.with that, so don't feel bad. I alway's wanted to adopt if I decide to have a child anyway.:)

    I just want to thank each of you for sharing your personal pain and joy with me, that is very special.

    I am printing your post's out and will keep them in my journal.

    I wanted to post a reply to each of you, but I didn't expect to get so many reply's.:) Thank you.

    I was in a bad mood today, my husband suggested going out to eat in a kind of tradtion in memory of my mom, but it just made me mad. I don't like to talk about it, maybe that's why it still hurt's so much.

    Anyway I am really hurting today, so I need to stop, but really just can't thank all of you enough.

    I will go through the list and pray for each one of you.

    P.S. April 28 would have been her 66th birthday, I can't imagine what she would look like at that age, it is very strange. She will alway's be 45 to me.

    I was thinking about thing's she liked and I thought of country music. I live in Nashville now, she would have liked it here.:)
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  2. Cromwell

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    I am sorry and glad you got through this. It is a terrible time, but we have to just recall all the happy memories that we are able to.

    God Bless, sorry I missed your post.

    LOve Anne C
  3. claudiaw

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    Thank You.:)

    I'm trying to make what is left of today good.