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    I have been on here for about a month now. I have had RA and FM for 20 years now. I was told the RA would go away because I was so young when I got it(13). Well I was also told my other symtoms were in my head. Well I now know they are not after 20 years thanks to all of you here. It is just so wonderful to know I am not alone and thank you all. I wrote a little poem I would like to share with you.


    I know now I'm not the only one
    And I won't allow myself to be shunned

    I was lost for so long
    In pain that will never be gone

    I now know the pain is for real
    And I am not making a big deal

    Years of walking around in this fog
    I am now realizing there really is a god

    I have everything to live for
    Choosing to open up that door

    To a world that is waiting for me
    Each day there is something new to see

    Remembering what it meant to give
    I am beginning to learn to live

    There is no right or wrong way to feel
    It is okay and it is all very real

    Pushing past the daily pain
    Looking forward to the days in wanes

    This is the way the cards are stacked
    The way I deal is to never look back

    Looking foward to each and every new day
    I am not alone and am loved in so many ways

    Just reading the message boards and chatting abit this past month I have come out of a terrible depression and I want to thank you all. I am still dealing with the denial part, have done it for so many years. You all have given me the strength I desperately needed.

    Thanks again,

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    beautiful poem & so describes many of us. We are all here for you & just to let you know you are not alone. Also just want to let you know i am going to print this poem & read it everyday. It says such truth & you will help many people with this. Thank you
    Lea Ann
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    Yep,it is really a relief to know that you aren't losing your mind!!! Glad you found a home here! I have learned so much here,even though I have been ill for 16 yrs!! This is the stuff you just don't get from medical professionals!!! Daneen
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    Amy. . .

    Thank you for sharing your evolvement from "terrible depression" (24/7 I'm sure) to "Looking forward to each and every new day."

    Honestly, every "new day" I wake up and think (groan), "Not another day of pain. . .God, why can't you just take me in my sleep? My parents, daughters and friends will feel so relieved that I am finally out of pain and walking with You. What's the point? I cannot seem to fulfill the reason why you put me here as long as I'm in such pain and fatique!"

    Reading your poem suddenly reminded me that all things ARE possible. Changing my thinking WILL change my life!