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    Thank you all for answering my question about the "Terrible Itching", it is under the skin and now I have a better idea of what questions to ask my dr.
    he is a really caring person who is learning all that he can to help me and is willing to listen. He told me to be patient with him and he will find the right answers for me and will know how to help others.
    He is a family practice Dr. in a small kansas town and admits the knows little about fibromyalgia but he wants to learn all he can. At least it is a start, and he says I know my body better then anyone else. and doesn't think I am "crazy". there is something going on and that is a HUGE benefit, all the drs I have had in previous years told me I was imagining all of this and I was fine they couldn't find anything wrong
    Thank you all again for all your help. It is nice to know I am not alone and there are alot of people who are going through the same things.