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    Hello all, and thank you. In regard to my January 2, Need Beginner Help query, I am so grateful. You are obviously a bunch of caring and compassionate people. It is hard for me to work on the computer, so I am so sorry about not getting back to you all sooner.
    I would like to thank Karen, Sue, Barbara, Lisa, and Shirl. It is terrible, not knowing what else is going on physically, but the worst thing is thinking you are in this alone. You women, have let me know that is not the case.
    I have decided to see another rheumotologist, and one who specializes in both fibro, and Chiari problems. I will check out your doctor files and see if you have any pain clinics or pain doctors, as I know I am being undermedicated. I have been diagnosed with post surgical pain syndrome also, whatever that means. All I know is the doctor I was seeing says I must find another pain doctor, as she isn't allowed to treat long term for Chronic Pain. So once more into the breach, I hate that. I once was niave enough to think all doctors knew it all, and were there first and foremost to help you, and alleviate your pain. I'm growing up fast.
    Anyway, I hope to spend more time sponging up the ton of information you have to offer. I look forward to one day helping one of you, as you are doing for me in this turbulent time.
    Until then, I wish you all fretless and painless days.
    Thank you again,
    Charlotte NC