Thank you All!!!

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    for all your kindness, wish we had it here with his Aunt. She came to get my husband to take him to get a u-haul and when we opened the door she said you two are self distructive. Cause we have to move so soon. We have been here 8 months. I tried to explain to her that it is so expensive here that we just can't do it and she acted pissed off. Well, excuse me for livin, but they don't pay our bills and I know she is just trying to help in someways but she wasn't the best person her whole life. I feel people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

    We are doing our best and I wasn't hurting real bad until she came here now my back is killing me and I have a headache.

    What makes me mad is these people that have money and are stable where they are judge people like us. As I told her we wouldn't be in this mess if I could work or if I was getting SS. So until then we will just have to do what we can to get by. She was very upset with us and it makes me mad cause we are not kids and I rezent being treated like one. We aren't their children and believe me thank God for that. Well ya all I better run cause I have to finish packing. Again thank you all for listing to my problems.

    Love to all
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    Never, never understood people that want to get that last kick in when you're at your lowest point. My philosophy lately has been to eliminate people that bring you down, regardless if they're family or not. Toxic people will only make us hurt worse. Best of luck to you. Tulip