thank you and more prayers, please

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    just wanted to say thanks so much to everyone who prayed for hunter. he is still having headaches, but its the swollen , mushy head that scares me. his head is like pushing on jello. doc says that is from the blood pooling in his head. i'm just paranoid about him falling or bumping his head. he's only 5, so still tries to act like a normal kid! he does wear a helmet, so that helps, but i'm just scared. the doc says if he hurts head now, it could be very tragic. we go to have another head CT next week, really hope it is healing like its supposed to. could we please get some more prayers for his healing and that he doesnt get hurt anytime soon! i'm trying so hard to keep him down, i think he's getting sick of me nagging him!! i know i'm not a known member of this board, that is just cuz i don't post much, but i do read and keep up on everyone and pray for all who need them. thanks in advance. have a great day, ronda