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    You wrote: "I also love my clarsonic skin machine (by the makers of the sonicare toothbrush) - which I could never use before I cleared my skin...I had success with a skin light called Dermastyle by lumiport and when I get an occasional pimple - I use my Zeno (another great product)."

    A while back and I got all 3 and they are helping so much. i am so grateful. I love the skin machine, it's so soothing. I still use Proactive with it and it helps. The Lumiport is easy to use while I watch tv and the Zeno is neat and isn't too harsh.

    I really appreciate you taking your time and energy to recommend these products. I was at my wits end. Now I feel more confident. :)

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    Hi Tee,

    You have brought the BIGGEST smile to my face!!!! I am so glad that these products have worked for you too! They have been a blessing to me.

    Did I mention that Paula's Choice makes a product that is the greatest (available on on-line) - its called: 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid. I use all her stuff - her website has an article called battle plan for fighting acne. I found out about her products on makeupalley (website) - otherwise I would have never known.

    I am so happy for you - it really is great to experience soft clear radiant skin - I waited many many years.

    Thank you so much for your message - I really needed to hear some good news today - and lighten my heart.


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    I read your bio...I am also struggling with CFIDS too and am in bed many hours a day. It is so hard - that is why winning these smaller battles, like acne, can be a real boost. At least that's what I try to do.

    Thanks againn for your kindness - I can't EVEN tell you how great it is to see your message!!!!


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    and I'm super glad you shared about what worked for you. I do remember you talking about Paula's Choice. I may give that a try too. I still break out but it is more manageable now and at least I have more things to fight it.

    I really like the face brush by Sonicare. It even helps when it's dry and it feels so soothing as it massages the skin on my face. When it's dry it seems to leave my skin polished and the problem spots dry out and clear up faster.

    Good stuff!

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