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    I wanna thank EVERYBODY that responded to me. You are so kind, and helpful. Some things I already do, but the rest of it was really helpful ! I've been in pain for 3mths solid now and about at my wits end. I just started taking the magnesium, and a B-12 shot, and the lyrica, but Ive heard alot of bad things about that. I try to excerise everyday know. I guess I just wanted to know if you ever go in remission, and do you have to get your pain under control for this to happen, or do you just have flair ups no matter what. they say stress causes flare ups, and may have caused this, but I dont think of my self as a stressed person. All I know is that you have answered more Q's for me than anybody,and I'm greatful for that,and I have a lot more, its just they slip my mind alot. lol Thank you sooo much, Im glad I found this board.

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    Just wanted to answer a few things in your post. First off I will say that I have had symptoms of FM and CFS since I was about 3 years old. My mother (adoptive) also has FM so any answer I give will be from my own personal experience or my mom's.

    I have been taking Lyrica for over 2 years now and I have had good results with it. It helps with my nerve pain, IBS and stomach problems. I had some side effects in the beginning (fatigue, dizziness, blurry vision, sexual side effects) took a few weeks but the side effects went away (except for the sexual ones).

    My mother tried Lyrica and it just didn;t work for her. We are different but I do think it is worth a try.

    Also, I have heard of people having remissions but I have never had one, nor has my mother. But I am not saying that it is not impossible.

    My FM and CFS seems to be progressive as in , it gets worse over the years...same with my mom.

    Although we have both found a set of drugs that seem to keep us stable most of the time although we do still get flare ups.

    I hope this has helped with some of your questions...let me know if you have anymore.
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    Hi Kelly!
    I've had FM for I'm guessing over 23 years. That doesn't include years of 'growing pains'. It does include the first time I went to the doctor because I couldn't walk because my leg pain was SO bad. I was diagnosed with IBS back then.
    I however, was only diagnosed with FM a year ago. In between those years, I've had some darn good years. These past two+ have been the most difficult, but I've had two boys, worked throughout, except for when I was home with my babies. I've always just adjusted my lifestyle according to how I felt - believing that my pain, my terribly achey legs, my IBS and a host of other symptoms were just the way I was. No condition that tied them all together.

    I will NEVER give up hope that I have more good years to come - you just never know.
    I do believe and have first hand experience that stress absolutely 100% makes my symptoms MUCH worse - almost scary how much it affects me. Besides stress, being tired also is too much for my body and my mind.

    Stay positive - even when your days are dark, TRY to have at least one positive thought each day.

    I'm glad you found this board too! =)

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