Thank you everyone for your prayers and encouragement

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by joyfully, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. joyfully

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    Hi Everyone. I just got home from the hospital. Everyone is amazed how quickly I'm recuperating. The surgery went fantastic. The preliminary biopsies that were done during the surgery all came back benign. The entire lump and thyroid were sent off to have more biopsies on it, but the surgeon believes there is no cancer. Praise God.

    I drank fluids until my eyeballs floated last night because I knew that would flush the anesthetic out of my system faster. I have never had this easy of a time with a surgery. Great hospital, great doctor, great staff. Only one "air-head" who pulled the IV out of my arm when she was changing some tape.

    I only had one attack of tachycardia after the surgery; that is a phenominal record for me. So again, thank you for you prayers and good vibrations. I really appreciated your kind words of encouragement. I have to lay down now. I have morphine in me that they gave me to pull the tubes out of my neck. It is making me sleepy. Joyfully
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    Praise The Lord !! I'm so glad that your surgery went well and that your preliminary biopsy results all came back benign.

    I'm continuing to pray for you.

    Blessings, Judy
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    I`m so glad all is well and you are on the mend. Your post was encouraging to me as I have been having trouble with my thyroid as well. It is enlarged and has 3 nodules on it and lots of cysts. They are just watching it for now but if the nodules get any bigger, I will have to have a biopsy again.

    Get lots of rest and sure this all put your mind to ease.
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    Joyfully I'm glad you are recuperating well. Praise God that it was benign and your Hosp. stay was smooth. I missed your insightful and helpful posts. Glad you are back.