Thank you for all the great responses on exercising-all welcome!

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    I had no idea I would get such a wonderful and honest response to my question. Because today is -20 in Nebr. , I will not choose to go out on my driveway to walk.HA I will probably choose not to go out at all because of my bronchitis and my asthma. I may walk a bit on my treadmill and do some stretches. I think I did see that video on pilates for those with aches and pains-wish I would have bought it. I probably will get it. One thing we could do is list some of the best and worst videos or equipment we have ever purchased. Might save us a few bucks.HA Ness, you would be wonderful at directing a video for FM friends who won't give up!! We can't! Again, thanks for all who took the time to respond. They will be kept in my file, so when I get down, they will be pulled out!! I have been on biaxin for 5 days, and my aching is very much diminished! Has to be something to this! Keep Singing! Mastersinger