Thank You for all the WARM welcomes

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Joyce345, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Joyce345

    Joyce345 New Member

    Hi All,
    I was so touched by all the warm responses I received and I'm trying to write to each of you, but my arm is getting a little stiff from typing. So what else is new!? LOL Also, thanks to all of you, because I FINALLY got a better night's sleep. I do believe it's knowing that I found a group like this to get me through my good days and the BAD ones. Now my hubby doesn't have to listen to what he thinks is all in my mind!! I just have to find that key and lock him back in his closet! ROFL!! JUST KIDDING!

    I pray you all have a good pain-free day:)))

    Luvs & Hugs,
  2. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    greet you or not, but if not, welcome! This is a nice safe place to come with good and bad days, information or to get some and just to sometimes read what others are doing or dealing with.

    Husbands can be a blessing or a pain in the best of situations. Add chronic illness and/or pain and they have a hard time with it as a rule, even if they eventually come around. My husband saw my FM advance over the 30+ years we've been together so it wasn't thrust on him all at once. He
    can be very supportive and a great help and is most of the time. He has
    Diabetes2 and a genetic back problem that causes him a lot of pain also. So at times he can be an insensitive
    boar about every thing.

    I try and I mean "TRY" to stay as up and non aggravating when I'm feeling especially bad, but he can't seem to
    do that when he's having a bad time.
    He retreats into himself, doesn't want to talk and if he does it's usually some grumpy grouchy or just plain mean stuff out of his mouth. OR the animals annoy him, or a shoe on the floor annoys him, or it's too hot or too cold and whatever it is it's MY fault.

    I am basically homebound as I don't drive any more and unfortunately my network of close friends all got ill
    unexpectedly (of course) as did my mother ALL in 1997..and within months
    I had lost them all. So the friends I
    do have are out of state and I have mostly email relationships with them.
    SO, it gets pretty lonely, my daughter lives near and is married but she has severe FM also, so we don't see much of each other either.

    Because of all that it would be so nice to have a peaceful and consistantly good relationship with my husband of so many years. He didn't start having his severe pain until about three years ago, less maybe so he hasn't really accepted his losses as I've had more time to do. I try to be patient knowing that,
    but there are times....!!! Grrr! LOL!

    So, sorry to go off on that. Welcome
    again and I hope you will keep coming
    back. Everyone is kind and considerate and long suffering of each other when we have our bad times. It's a soft place to fall and the first place I think of coming when I'm especially happy or not. Take care. Bambi

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