Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts on my son

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    I spoke with Nathaniel today and he was in better spirits. Maybe all those prayers you offered him helped? Yesterday he had me so worried about his state of mind.

    He has been to numerous doctors, had more spinal injections that I can count, none helped. There has been no surgery offered to help him at this point. I am hoping our trip to the Cleveland Clinic can provide some relief. They know for sure he has a bulging and torn disc, and degenerative disc disease and arthritis and he is on 23. He was working a very strenuous job that involved heavy lifting, never had any symptoms prior to that. I just worry about him every day, and when he gets so down, depressed and cries, it breaks my heart.

    Thank you all for being so wonderful to me. God bless you all. Pattie
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    I will continue to pray for Nathaniel. I have heard that Cleveland Clinic is excellent so I think that you are doing the right thing by getting him in tnere. Keep us updated.
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    I had a neighbor who had spinal surgery, with no hospitalization. Place is in FL. try looking up Bonati clinic. Can't hurt just to take a peek and read.
    prayers included here.
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    We are going to Cleveland Clinic in May, soon as my son is done with college for the term. He is very anxious to go. We hope he finds the relief he needs. Thanks to you all for the thoughts and prayers. I will keep you posted. Pattie