Thank you for all your support-not always positive you know

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    -it has just gotten to the point that I cannot take all the things that have happened in such a short period of time seriously anymore.

    Unfortunately, he not only lost the contract but the ability to work for the travel company he worked for for years now. some mix up at the hospital that really pissed the client off and they blame Steve. There were a lot of complaints of irratic behavior on his part while he was on the steroids and in retrospect his boss realizes they should have pulled him from the job despite our $$ situation. But they have let him go as well not just the hospital.

    So far the plan is to see first of all if he can get workman's comp due to the fact he is still under a doctor's care for the reaction to the steroids and his adreanal glands are a mess from them not tappering him off the steriods properly. Unemployment may be tricky because we did cash in the 401 now we have assets above the amount of the cut off availalble--we are going to go to social services and see what is available to us. There is enough to pay rent in advance for a couple of months and car payment, insurance etc and roll over the rest into an IRA so we save some of it anyway.

    thanks for the tip on the disability thing I will have to look into that, but usually when the word disability comes up they mean SSI and neither of us qualify for that.

    i look at it this way we have been trying this thing all wrong. Now we are going to be together to see if we can figure out what to do from here that makes sense. He needs to be around if we are going to stay together. I need him here to and so do the kids. He is scared to come home and feeling really down on himself due to loosing his job and not even being able to provide for his family due to the fact that he is sick too.

    We shall figure it out, going to cut a lot of things back, back to dial up internet, yuk slowsville, no premium cable, loose the cell phones down to a cheaper plan things like that. It is still hard we have two car paynments and were used to making a good living from two good jobs that pay well and unfortunately the more you make the more your bills seem to be-you adjust to your income somehow--if it is up to me I would like to live below my income for the rest of our lives----this has been a real eye opener--no 401k-we could have ended up homeless, neither of us have family to rely on, bad credit right now due to unpaid doctor bills and other things in the past. Nopmore middle class america for awhile, maybe for good who knows?

    But we are receiving a gift for Christmas that no one can take away, we are going to be together. I think we have hit bottom now and there can be no way but up. there is a lesson here so much bigger than I will probably ever understand as time goes by.

    love andhugs to all

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    I'm so glad you are able to find the positive things that can come from this really difficult situation. With an attitude like that you will make it, I just know it! Hang in there.

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    I am so sorry to hear about all the things you are going through. I know what hitting rock bottom is like, been there over and again. Something you have written has really caught my eye here. With your Hubby and the whole work comp issue. You stated he was not tapered off steroids and such. I don't know if it is explained somewhere else but just knowing this little bit... If he is still under doctor's care for a work injury and the main reasoning he was fired was due to the side effects he was having from the injury you need to get your Hubby home and set up an appointment right away with a good workers compensation lawyer. They may just regret the fact that they just fired him. I battled with work comp for over two years and I have to say this is something that needs to be discussed with a good Attorney. I think he could be entitled to benefits and all that jazz. I would seriously think about it.
    i hope that you have a very enjoyable holiday with your entire family.
    Take care,