Thank you for prayers! Have received help.

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  1. windblade

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    Thank you SO much to everyone who prayed for me. Those prayers were answered in such a lovely way, in a sequence of events. Will continue on next post.

    Love, Judy
  2. springwater

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    Judy - been thinking of you. So happy to see your post.

    Hope you will post soon.

    God bless
  3. windblade

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    Spring - so sorry to end first post abruptly.

    Well, just this week my friend, Mother Carole, brought down their convent truck to pick up 24 cartons of books - mine and my husband's. Mostly art books but poetry, many topics also. This was a huge gift to us, and changed around our whole household here. Forgot to say that there is a volunteer to microwave each and every book in those cartons, and vacuum up the spores before and after!!! Big job!

    It cleared a whole room which we weren't able to use before!!! My dh has been cleaning, sorting, replacing everything damaged by mold, and the mold spores that infest every item.This has been for 10 months straight! It's been miserable since we thought we would have to move again, and he's been re-packing everything for that.

    We looked at houses that we could afford to rent - all on one floor. But they were all close to lakes or water. Not good for the NE being hit by these hurricanes every year. Decided no on all those houses, but can't afford more.

    Well - when the huge stack of cartons was removed, we could re-arrange rooms. And I had found that I could use one small room to put an extra bed in downstairs by our kitchen and bathroom, a healing room for me.

    My other major problem is from 'Severe PTSD',
    I react to noise by reliving trauma. Not just remembering, but reliving - being caught in it, and not able to stop it or get out of it. So road noise here has been another problem - not just annoying but dangerous to me. Lots of hard work to find 'sound machines' or fans, ear-plugs, etc. to deal with it.

    I think I've adapted a little - not so panicky. And finding little quiet times to listen to birds outside, or cicadas, or the lullaby night sound of tree frogs and crickets.

    What a relief not to have to move. I had been feeling like a plant pulled up by it's roots, and just hanging there all this time. Then I started putting down small small roots, starting to feel familiar here. And couldn't bear to start all over.

    We're at the fun stage of picking out drapes, and I bought a beautiful quilt in soft blues of Asian prints. So cozy! It just speaks healing and rest to me!

    Spring, I can't thank you enough for all of your faithful prayers - they have borne fruit. Thank God! And thank you to each and every one here who stood by me, and prayed for help for me!

    Oh, and also this past month or so, the mold illness is almost completely gone!!! Gerd healed. Gastritis just minor. The painful daily swelling of my lips GONE. I can now talk, eat and smile without pain. It's taken an entire year, but being in this house with no mold has been the best thing! That was another thing to help decide me to stay.

    Spring - I've been rejoicing over the months at how your connection to the Healing Center has grown and deepened. And given you a safe place to be. So rare! And friends to share with, and laugh, and let yourself feel vulnerable with.

    Love and blessings, Judy
  4. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Diane - hi! Thank you SO much for your response and prayers!

    It is so good now to be out of that terrible crisis mode that lasted for two years.

    And to be able to settle down with life being more 'ordinary'. I'm thankful that my DH is such a good partner - he has been dealing with the mess from the hurricanes every day for 10 months now. At first we were sleeping on the floor, had to throw away all bedding, mattresses, carpets, drapes, etc. etc.

    I have MCS - so it's been slow doing the research on every product we need to replace . I'm allergic to most chemicals, so need solid wood furniture, organic bedding, all as much as possible.

    Our place is starting to look 'put together' and very attractive, so I'm so pleased with that.

    Blessings to your household too!
  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Judy and Diane


    how happy i am to read and learn of the all the help you hv received! Truly wonderful.
    The gift of being introduced to those 'angels' at the convent through your posts, what
    can i say? I am blessed.

    I am continuing prayers, visualisations for you and your dear sweet DH,for your
    complete and total recovery from all health and emotional issues as well as for
    the best and most wonderful solution for your house issue. Especially for the PTSD.

    You are a brave good one. And i am always inspired when i read your posts

    God Bless
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Diane - so nice to see your post.

    I understand about the 'concentration' thing. I hv that problem too.

    I hope things are mostly good with you. I know you were having some
    health challenges too.

    God Bless
  7. Granniluvsu

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    Judy - Decided I had better pop in to check on you and all. I haven't been here in awhile but have read a few posts awhile ago. I am so glad things are looking up for you and that you don't have to move. I just had a chance to scan some of these wonderful posts. Glad also to see SW and Diane. More prayers continuing for you.

    Just wanted to check in and also mention that my DD is still looking for a job, now apparently in earnest and looking for anything. She had an interview in her line of work , yesterday but haven't heard anything about it from her. So, I am hoping that she just doesn't know yet. Otherwise she will need to be looking for anything. She should have been doing so all along but it took a desperate situation to get her to look for anything else but her field. It make take a long time to find something in her field. We told her no more $ and her sibs did too.

    Don't know if you read the post some time ago that our DIL lost that baby they were so looking forwards too. It was close to 3 months.

    Hang in there sweetie !! Thanks for all the prayers too especially with all you have been going through.

    Granni :)
  8. windblade

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    Dear Granni - thank you so much for your prayers and caring! I'm so sorry about your son's and DIL's loss of the baby. What a deep, deep sorrow for the whole family. Praying for comfort in your grief! And solace.

    And praying still for your DD. Praying for her whole situation - where she is in life. For help, God's help in his fatherly love for your daughter.

    Love, Judy