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    Thank you for the suggestion. As I mentioned I have tried a number of things (too numerous to mention all) that have not helped. I am currently taking magnesmium along with coral calcium (and the other vitamins included in the coral) but it still has not helped to point that I would like. I take Quinine for the cramps (under doctor's orders). As far as the epsom salt goes I am aware of it's drawing property and pain relieveing ability but I am on a sodium free diet due to another problem I have (which seems to happen sometimes). Since epsom salts is salt and the skin absorbs everything it is not advisable to use for people on such a diet. I have tried herbs in my bath (but once I get down I sometimes can't get out so I don't take baths that often. And FYI I have done alot of research in this pain area as has my mother who has had FMS for 4 years. My mother finally had a hair anylais done and discovered that she had toxins built up so high that nothing helped because she was not doing the correct methods. I am able to function most of the time because of some of the things I am taking but it has not helped with keeping tension/pain from interferring with some parts of my live. If I can't figure this out I may have to go that same route (which costs big $$). So if you can think of anything else please let me know.
    Thank you again