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    You Guys are the Best!!!
    For those of you that took the time to respond to my post, that haven't seen my first ones, here it is. A month ago my doctory said i have endometriosis, and my husband and i researched this condition. We discovered that it can cause infertilization. Not ready for another child (which we already have a vibrant, beautiful boy of 20 months), but scared of the thought of not being able to have anymore, we decided to go ahead and start trying. That's all my posts in a nutshell. :) So thank you for the great happy thoughts you have sent me and my little family! I so appreciate it!! I will keep everyone updated for I still have to work, and I work alot! :/ But once I cut on my hours, i'll prolly be in chat quite a bit again!

    best wishes!!
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    I did not know your history but glad you posted again to let us know.

    You are VERY fortunate! I have a son that married 5 years ago and still NO grandchildren; that makes me so sad. Anyway, they have tried but she is having problems so I'm sure you know how she feels. He is the only child I had so now, I only have a son, daughter-in-law, and a grand-dog. She has a chihuahua also and treats him like a baby so I might as well treat him like a grand-dog.

    Again, congratulations and take care of yourself!

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