Thank you for your prayers to Mom and please keeping them coming

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  1. Whenever I post on this worship I feel your prayers for Mom. Thank you and may God Bless everyone on this Board no matter what your worries,heartaches,and pains may be. This is my 3 or 4 time posting on this board asking for prayers for Mom who has Alzheimers. And I want you all to know that your prayers go flying straight to God's ears. I went to visit Mom today at the nursing home. She was in the dining room and I didn't go in. Gave her time to eat. Twenty minutes later I walked in and by God Mom had finished all of her dinner. I know that your prayers for Mom were definetely answered. Please continue to pray for her to continue to eat. You cannot imagine how pleased I felt knowing she ate everything on her plate this evening. God Bless everyone and please continue to pray that the Lord will bless her, guide her, and keep her going on in his name and never let her falter. God Bless you all who answered my prayers. A special thank you to asatrump you are truly a child of God. I've seen you answer everyone's post asking for prayers. God Bless you Dear in Christ name.Helena....Hugs to everyone on the Worship Board.Amen.
  2. Thank you so much. It meant so much to me to read you keep my name on your prayer list. Mom is not wanting to still eat as she should. I went to the nursing home for lunch and dinner on my day off from work to make sure she ate. Unfortunately, I go back to work today and again I must worry. I can only do so much and so I will leave in our Lord's hand. That is all I can...leave for God to take care of it. He is my sustainer.God Bless you all for your prayers and please keep them coming. I truly thank everyone on this prayer site.May God Bless Everyone in Jesus name.Helena
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    What you are facing is so very difficult. Please post daily or several times a day if you need. You are never considered a bother, and each post will be answered in prayer by all those here, both visible and invisible.

    I ask that the Father be with you each hour of each day, and to give you strength for all that lies ahead.
  4. You're so right what I am experiencing is so difficult. Thank you for praying for Mom. It is so hard on me. I am mentally and physically exhausted. Worrying constantly if Mom has eaten at the nursing home. Today, I called and was told she ate 75% of breakfast, and only one-quarter of lunch and dinner. The nurse asked me if I was coming over. I could not go as I was feeling very tired after working 9 hours at work today. Then when I don't visit I feel like I've let Mom down, but Good God I can't do it everyday. I am just toooooo tired from work. I leave it in the Lord's Hands and asked him to send his angels to be by her side and take care of her. I love her so much. Mom was the best Mother in the world to us while we were growing up. Now I feel so guilty that I can't always be there for her and hat I had to place her in the nursing home,because I had no one in the family to help with her care. She was no longer independent when she came down with this horrible disease called "Alzheimers". It is just horrible what it has done to my wonderful and loving Mother. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I just feel so horrible that life had to come to this for my Mother. I thank everyone who is praying for my Mom, and I pray daily before I go to sleep and ask my Lord Almighty to take care of her and me and all those who are afflicted by horrible diseases.God Bless you all. Helena
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    May God continue to be with you and mom

    God Bless you