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    Dear Lord
    thank you Lord, for another day, another opportunity to be able to apply what talents and gifts I may offer my new job, another day of getting me thru parenting issues, another day where as bad as the pain is, I am coping the best I can Lord because I know that you will only give me what I can handle. Thank you Lord...for keeping me safe to and from my new job...for keeeping the stress at my new job low key another day Lord. Thank you for allowing me to see the beauty of even the miserable rainy day we have here. Thank you Lord, for allowing me to hug my children today, to kiss them and tell them I love see my husbands smiling face, and to be able to kiss him good bye as he begins his work hours until late. PLease Lord keep him in your care safe and sound. I also ask of you oh Lord that you please hear my prayer....not only thanking you for all the blessings that surround me, but for the ones that need your special attention as well. Lord I pray that you touch upon me your healing hands and dry my tears, fill my empty heart oh Lord and help me feel the joy of life. I ask that you also touch upon those whom also feel what I feel Lord because I know I am not alone...but I also know that what I feel physically, emotionally and mentally that its devistating lately and completely draining me Lord.
    Forgive me too Lord, for losing my temper lately with the children and hubby and for not having an ounce of patience with any of them. Lift my heart and help me make the right choices as tired and as weary as I am Lord. Ease my shameful guilty heart.
    I know you are here with me that certain Dark place I seem to find myself in alot. I thank you Lord for being here. I know there is always a reason and a purpose for any pain that anyone must endure Lord. I pray you will send relief soon..from the horrible pain that I am enduring lately (physically), for the emotional turmoil that seems to be plaguing me again and making me feel astranged and isolated, and for just ONE good nights rest Lord so I can get thru the day without feeling so weak....and again, I ask this not just for me Lord, but those who are in here that also may be in that same dark place. I ask you to touch all of our hearts Lord. Help all of us walk down the path of righteousness hand in hand with you Lord God.
    In Jesus' name sake,

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    AMEN ! AMEN ! AMEN !
    tHANKS for such a inspiring prayer, it really lifts me up also. We all have so much to be thankful, even in times of despair and darkness. Gods grace will get us thru.

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    I wanted to pray this prayer again in here. I figured I would just add to it.
    Everything still the same except its HOT and 90 degrees today YUCK! (one extreme to the next...this weather is wacky!!!)

    Im thankful and rejoyce in another day of being alive, maybe not well, but Im here and alive.

    I broke down this weekend and cried on Saturday...I lost it AGAIN, as usual...Im overwhelmed, I have been sick with some sort of bug for a week now (severe sore throat, coughing like crazy, fatigued, weak, and so congested....)... on top of being ill, the Fibro (OF COURSE) has kicked in full blown and I can barely move. I couldnt even enjoy my little daughters first soft ball game ever on Saturday. I WAS MISEARABLE.

    I cried to hubby...told him I cant do this anymore.

    It really stinks that "mommies" never get the chance to rest and get well...instead we are always trying to do everything and take care of everyone...
    I guess the sickness and fatigue finally took over thats why I lost it. I was so cranky to everyone around me. i am...I pray the same prayer as above once again...

    I hope it uplifts others like me having a tough time.