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    Mother's day is fast approaching. It was a day all my life I dreaded. My mother is now 84 and still evil, although if you ask her she is a saint. There is more to bringing up a child than providing fancy clothes.

    I had to sever my relationship with her when I was 49. She lives 1,800 miles away but still could reduce me into nothingness via a phone call. I didn't realize the lifetime of abuse I had withstood until I saw her doing it to my daughter . Then it brought out the mother bear in me and I said this cycle will stop. She couldn't handle anything but life on her terms. She considers me dead, I am eliminated from the will etc.

    I can't tell you the years and tears I suffered as a result of her.

    Today I had a joyful occasion, one that would warm any mother's heart. And I realize it is a special Mother's day gift God is sending to me.

    My son lives out of town and is spending the week with his sister and her children. The call this morning with laughter in the background, and the knowledge my two kids love each other makes me realize I have broken the cycle.

    for this I give thanks and praise. There were so many hard times to get to this point. My son had to get a divorce, and his ex nearly ruined everything for our family. For a while we went from the Beaver Cleaver Family to Jerry Springer material.

    Now the ex is a thing of the past. I have to grab this moment in time and revel in it. But the fact my son and son in law are taking vacation time this week, to do things together really warms my heart.

    Sorry this got wordy. So often I pray for help and guidance I thought today I would just pray in thanks and love.

    A year ago at this time I was in a very dark place, having many medical tests and unable to lift my arm at all.

    I give credit where it is due. First to God, second to my doctor who finally found an anti depressant my stomach could deal with. Praise.

    I need to find a couple hymns of praise to play on the piano right now.

    I hope this serves as encouragement to those of you with mega problems right now. When God closes a door he opens a window...... but all in His time.
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    I'm so glad your children get along and love each other.

    That does a wonderful thing to a mothers heart!

    Happy Mothers Day!
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    Yes, this message is so very encouraging and such a wonderful thing...that you share the blessings in your life. Also, it will help many others out here (such as myself) that had a hard time as a child. We are overcomers!
    It is a wonderful feeling to see your children so happy together! I know what you mean.

    I also had a mother that could have destroyed my life, but God stepped in and helped me.
    My childhood was a nightmare of abuse, but God sent this young man into my life in high school that actually rescued me. I know that it was God's I give Him credit for it...but, I still feel like my hubby was my knight in shining armour.

    I NEVER looked forward to Mother's Day until I had children. I have four sons that are far from perfect, but they stick together (especially when the going gets tough)...even if they disagree! I think that comes from the upbringing that they had.
    I was FAR from perfect as a mother, but we had love and I was there for them (something that I didn't have as a child). I tried to never let a night pass when they were small (and still every chance that I get) that I didn't tell them how much that I loved them, and that they were gifts to me. And, very important... that we were family!

    I also feel like I broke the cycle, but, there was times when it was REALLY hard! I am sure that you will agree. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to know that we did?
    So, as I end this... I want to wish you a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

    With love....Mari

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    Asa and Mama, I also didn't grow-up with Ward and June Clever. It almost ruined my life and faith. God, kept after me and was there for me and now I can also Celebrate with the other Mothers of the world for these gifts from God known as my Kids and Grandkids. Thankyou for posting this. De
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    I was very blessed many many years ago when I found two books call, "Bold Love" and "Boundaries." Both are Christian based books that talks about how it is o.k. to tell people in our life that we do not have to accept their behavior. It talked about several people and their situations and Bible verses to support and encourage them. It also pointed out that if someone brings you to anger or causes you to sin when you come near them, and you have tried to tell them how their behaviors effects you in a negative way, then it is o.k. to set limits and say such things as, "As long as you are going to treat me [fill in the blank], then I will not be around you. If you want to be around me (and my family), then you must not behave like that. If you do I will [leave, hang up the phone, ect..]

    This was a revelation to me. I always thought that being a good Christian=being tolerant and acceptive of behavior or respective of family members that did not act in a Christian-like manner. Then, I remembered even Jesus was intolerant of behavior especially Christians at times.
    He, himself, through the gamblers out of the church.

    Granted we should always try respect and love first. However there are times when this is not going to work. Most people know when to set boundaries... many times the boundaries go up long beyond when they should have been set up.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I am not encouraging you to call up that in-law you can't stand and pull out the laudry list. Remember God also says pull the plank out of your own eye before you see the speck in your brothers. However, after trying or in very serious circumstances, it comes time to have bold love and say enough is enough... no more. Abuse is ALWAYS a good time for BOLD love!

    :) Take care!
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    I just love you all!!