Thank you!-Help quick! Need Dr. in San Francisco

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Adl123, Oct 29, 2005.

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    Dear all, I really need a Dr. referral for a friend in San Francisco. She has just been hit with Cfids/Fibro/Arthritis, and has been knocked for a loop, with all of the symptoms coming at once. She has been going to Dr.s who don't seem to believe in either disease, and is being treated such a way that she is really scared of being committed, because she cannot experss herself clearly under stress. She has even been accused of being an ancololic, because she loses her balance.

    Please, if anyone knows of a Dr. in San Francisco, tell me, so I can help her. I live too far from her to go help her in person and all I can do has to be done from afar.

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    Sheila Bastion in San Francisco or the surrounding area. If I recall, she is a psychologist. She has been a believer in CFS from the start. Her son had it. She is highly respected for her work with CFS among the small pool of highly respected CFS doctors! The reason I am recommending her is not because I think your friend needs psychological help, it is that Dr. Bastion probably knows a good doctor in one of the other medical disciplines that is a good CFS/Fibromyalgia doctor and can refer you.

    What a loving,loyal and kind friend you are to seek help for your friend. God bless you. I hope this post helps.
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    Terry, Don't forget to look at jacob Teitelbaum's site for a doctor. He has lists of doctors all over the US who use his protocol for CF/FM.....He lists MD's, Do's and Chiropractors.

    Good luck!

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  5. caroleye

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    There's an M.D./N.D. there who's very knowledgeable.

  6. Adl123

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    for your recommendations. My friend found an open minded doctor and has been taking tests. She has been given a diagnosis of probable Parkinson's Disease.

    While this is really sad, at least her mind is at rest. Her Dr. is sending her to an Alternative Dr. How cool is that?

    Thanks, again,

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