thank you jana and srh

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    Thank so much for answering, srh I cannot imagine never coming out of a flare, I really feel for you, I think the last one lasted two weeks, but everytime I feel it won't let up and knock myself out trying to figure out what brought it on in order to be able to prevent the next one, I have been in pain ever day for the last ten years but every once in a while it gets much worst , Jenna do you feel completely exhausted when you go through one, like breathing is an effort? In answer to your question, I am 59 years old, into a new relationship, hence the move to a new city, he is wonderful about fibro but I fear he will get fed up if I do not get better, nothing on his part just my own insecurities, fibro can make one feel inadequate, my sister was diagnosed with cancer last year and I was her main caregiver, that took a toll I suspect,also have a host of other concerns, sometimes wonder if all it is is stress, went through continous stress for the last ten years, can"t seem to be able to handle it anymore, now that I finally have a man who truly loves me I feel I am too worn out to enjoy him, maybe I need a swift kick in the but to shake me out of whatever is ailing me yet when I am not into a bad flare I seem to have a good handle on things, my doctor thinks that I am depressed, yet I am not dep[ressed unless the pain gets this bad, one cannot be depressed on a part time basis right????anyway just needed to vent and I appreciate your concern and input, God bless you both, miche
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    Stress plays a big part in our pain. We stress because we hurt and then it gets worse, vicious cycle.
    Hopefully with a new relationship, you can stress less and start feeling better. I do hope so.
    Sounds like you have been overdoing it alot. So maybe rest a little more and don't work so hard (physically or mentally!!)

    Good luck. Hugs...........