'Thank You Jesus'

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    'Thank You Jesus'

    'Lord..., there is so much I want to say;

    As I journey through this beautiful day.

    I hardly know where to begin to Praise You...,

    Your blessings make me feel so new!

    I am speechless for words to express;

    How grateful I am..., when You spare

    me from stress.

    The only thoughts that flood my mind;

    As I talk to You...Jesus...,

    so humble and kind;

    Are 'Thank you Jesus...Thank You ...

    Thank You ... Thank You Jesus!'

    'Thank You for the trees...and the flowers

    that surround us...

    And for the stars; the clouds and the

    sky above us.

    And Thank You for the Love of family

    and friends....

    And for my warm bed as each day ends.'

    I cannot begin to put into rhyme...

    How my Soul cries with thankfulness...,

    all of the time.

    So, I just must believe that you know

    how I feel....,

    As these intimate expressions...

    I try to reveal.

    And each day that You give me

    to witness for You...,

    I vow to share with others....

    my Love for You.

    'I only ask that You always will abide

    In me...And as each day You se

    My spirit free...;

    I thank You Jesus...Thank You,

    Thank You...Thank You Jesus.

    Written By: Sandra E. Hanna