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    Thank you for your reply Kim.
    I'm thankful for finding this site. I don't know where to start on dealing with this rapid disease. I feel that I can receive more help and understanding for here than any where else. I go back to the dr. today for a follow up. I feel as though the dr.s think I make things up, But I Don't. I seems like no one understands how bad I feel on a daily basis. Today is a bad day. My hands hurt so much and when the weather gets colder it hurts even more. I don't like taking medicine because of the way it makes me feel, out of my head and loopy.
    I feel bad enough without meds making me feel confused.
    I worry that I will loose my job. I like my job, I woke at the hospital as a recovery transport tech. I also go to school, taking pre-requs. for nursing. I see that dream going up in smoke. How can I continue the way I feel. It seems that my body changes and I feel worse as time goes by. How bad does it get??????????????
    My sister helps me when she can and she tells me that she is sorry for not being able to understand or relate to my health problems. She does go to the dr.s with me when I ask her to and she comes to visit me more than I go to her home( she lives an hour away).
    I know she loves me and we are close, but sometimes I feel as though people just blow me off because I can no longer be as strong and the rock as I use to be.
    I feel like my life is draining away......
    I feel so sad today I wish I could just have a good cry............................................
    Thank you for being here for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take Carte All