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  1. morningsonshine

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    Ps. 27:1
    The Lord is my life and my salvation;
    Whom shall I fear?
    The Lord is the defense of my life.
    Whom shall i dread?

    As i wait on the Lord, with good courage,
    He will strenghen my heart.


    2 Chron. 32:7-8
    I am strong and courageous. I am not afraid,
    or discouraged, because the Lord my God is with
    me to help me fight my battles!


    Ps. 31:24
    I am strong and my heart takes courage, for I wait
    for, and hope for and expect the Lord!

    1 John 5:14
    I have courage in God's presence, because i am sure
    that He hears me if i ask Him for anything that is
    according to His will.

    Praise the Lord!

    Math. 14:27
    Jesus spoke to them, saying, "Take courage, I AM, do not be afraid!"

    May the Blessing of the Lord be upon you.

    Love in Christ


  2. morningsonshine

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    Praying today will be better for you. I'm glad you found comfort in these verses from the Lord.

    Take it easy on yourself.

    Love, and Hug,

  3. sixtyslady

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    thank you so much for the verses, I really needed them this morning.
    someetimes its so hard fighting this battle,but when we remember that God is on our side it makes it so much easier.
    thanks again
  4. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I know you been having a tough time. Praying for release for you in the name of the Lord.

    I needed these verses myself too.


  5. kgangel

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    Beautiful verses

    Thank you for posting Morningsonshine

    I have missed this so much.

    I have been busy with my web site and also with our new dog and now I have been having more pain again, so it has been hard to come here and say Hi

    But it always feels so good when I get a chance to come here and chat

    God Bless you

  6. bandwoman

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    Thanks for the uplifting verses. I read on one of your posts that you sort of feel forgotten here. Even though I don't know you very well did you know that I pray for you everyday by name. I have missed your posts when you are not here. I am sure you are loved by many here even though they may not specifically tell you that.

    I also remember from your profile that you used to raise rabbits. I remember things even with brain fog. LOL I love rabbits. I used to have them for several years but only one at a time. I think you said you had only one lop earred left. I will have to go back in your profile and read again. I am on my lunch time at school and reading and eating at the same time. Not easy to do. LOL

    Have a good day,

  7. LOVED

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    thank you so much for posting these verses. they are balm to the soul. and my soul sure needs some balm right now.

    i am going to print them and post them so i can keep renewing my mind.

  8. morningsonshine

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    I need them last night.

    Kgangel, it's very nice to here your voice (words) again.
    Just post a hello to me when your around, lots of times i come to read, but don't post. Hope your new puppy don't wear you out.
    They are so cute! Blessings to you and your home in Christ.

    Bandwoman, thanks for the kind words, prayers, and encouragement. It's nice to have a place we can come, emotionally i just wasn't reaching out to anyone for awhile because of the mental fatigue.

    All my cute little loppies are gone now, and i have a large Flemish Giant. His pretty cool. Rabbits are some of the sweetest gentlest animals, and they smell good.
    Hope you didn't get any food on the key board!!LOL

    LOVED, the word of God is Balm to our soul isn't it! I hope you find strengh in reading it.

    Blessings to my sisters in Christ.