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    I received your PM from the other board and got your email with the list of doctors. Thank you for taking the time to forward that to me. I started calling them and unfortunately no one takes insurance--pretty discouraging. The consult fees alone are running 800-900 which seems rather steep. I am wondering if I should buy an Ingenex Western Blot Kit and pay for it myself (how much would this be?) and go from there? If it is positive (which I am guessing it will be) then go to one of these docs and pay out of pocket. My primary doctor, while not all that familiar with CFS, has been very supportive of me and I bet she would support the Igenex/Western Blot test and my new theory on possible Lyme. I have to go there for my B12 shot and discuss this all with her, but I am wondering if I should head down that path first? I just am afraid to lay out 800 bucks and hit another dead end.

    What do you think? Do you know of any doctors in my area that might take insurance? We do not have any out of network benefits so it is all or nothing over here.

    I'm desperate for answers but also money is tight here and we have two young children. I know going into financial ruin (without getting better or any answers) would add to my stress level and that wouldn't be good for my problems either. I wish i could find a Lyme specialist that took insurance. It doesn't look like any do, though.

    Thank you again for all of your help.