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    the public testimony was excellent-- impressive, moving, and riveting. i am very grateful to all who made the gigantic effort to be there and represent the CFS community.

    why is Simon Wesseley's CBT & GET approach in England having such an effect on Reeve's input in the USA??? why isn't Wesseley getting thoroughly debunked?

    sure, morale and physical capacity plummet with the onset of CFS, but that is secondary to causative factors- it is something to address along the comeback trail, but so clearly and painfully inadequate as the sole approach. Sascha
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    I was on at about 4:40 the first day; I had to speak fast, a lot of you were probably overwhelmed by it! Heard the close-captionion was wrong on many words: (regally instead of legally, etc.).

    I was on a telephone call, had my script on screen in front of me, had timed and practiced it at least 10 end, had 30 sec. left, used it to thank Dr. Wanda Jones for making it accessible to us all.

    Again, thank you for the thank you!
  3. Spinetti

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    My thanks to you and the other brave folks who testified!

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