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    Hi Rosie,
    Thank you for your reply. Actually I did end up hanging up on him last night(during the 2hr arguement). Then he stopped by this morning on his way to work....I never got an Im sorry all he wanted was for me to hold him while he cried and told me it hurts him and he is so confused. I stayed calm and tried to comfort him, but really wanting to bless him out! What did I just go thru....uh nothing!!
    My mom really liked him, but now she said he is on her #@** list. When I was going thru all the withdrawals and hormone changes he would talk about having more after this one, I would look straight at him and say absolutly NO WAY!
    And his response would be, "let's see how this one goes"
    What the hell, is he blind! is what I was thinking. Im so confused to, I thought I had finally found a decent man to spend my life with, turns out he is just as selfesh as the rest Ive met. I told him if having a child was very important to him I would understand any decision he made..I would never want to hold him back from that, but I am not the one who can have a child for him.
    Im sorry, Im venting really bad...huh? lol
    Thanks for listening.

  2. Rosiebud

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    you're the one going through the bad time and he's the one needing cuddled and comforted. You wouldnt be having another child to bring up you'd have TWO!!!! He didnt even want to listen to you about having a second child with him never mind a first.

    There are some men out there who are not selfish Blue, I hope you find one.

    This man needs to find a woman who wants to start a family, why has he waited so long?????

    Dont mean to be cold here because you obviously have feelings for this man and so it cant be easy for you.

    Anyway you just make sure you are okay. Take good care of yourself and your child you have now.

    It's good to vent and this is an excellent place to do it.

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