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    Thank you or welcoming me to the board - I have tried several times to join but did not successfully stick with the computer long enough at one sitting to accomplish that till now. Your welcome made me feel good. I did get an upper respiratory failure attack just before I was diagnosed with fibro. I was out on short term disability from teaching my classroom. Doctors think that attack was from chemicals from the roofing project at our school, then plus our building is 54 years old, all sorts of mold in there got stirred up. I had to go on prednisone 8 weeks. Went back to classroom and finished the remainder 3 weeks, but the body aches, fatugue, brainfog , pain and inability to multitask has made me decide not to teach so i am at home and I am learning to adjust a little at a time. I do have God and that is a blessing. Thanks again
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    What you just described could have triggered the FM. When I got pneumonia, it was after a Hurricane, flooding in my house (just a sunken den), as well as washing other peoples clothes, etc. who were in more desperate need then myself. There was mold, clothing that had been in contaminated flood waters, etc.

    I had not thought of that untill you mentioned the roof. I was inuaduated with all kinds of chemicals, as well with the flooring, walls, clothing etc. that was falling out and ruined because of the waters. Mildew was everywhere.

    This is over 20 years ago, I have never been the same since! Yes, I do have a relationship with the Lord too, or I doubt if I would still be here.................

    Others will be along to welcome you as well as myself. We have a wonderful, friendly, well informed group of people here. Always willing to help one another, or just support if we are unable to do anything else.

    Glad to have you, and hope we all get to know you soon.

    Shalom, Shirl