Thank you to all for Schnauzer sympathy

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bambi, Apr 2, 2006.

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    I just came tonight and read all the truly kind and sweet replies to me having my Penny put to sleep Friday! It really did help me and I felt so bad about all the ones who told about losing their babies too!! I love the poem and will put it on the plaque I am making to mark her grave. It is two butterfly wings and I got some jeweled stones to put on it and will paint it and print the poem. It's beautiful!

    I am going to fix the area where they are all buried. My husband planted a jasmine and a honeysuckle vine on the lattice there. He planted a fig tree that will shade the area. I'm going to put a bench
    there, more flowers, some of those solar
    lights at a path and a little table for a
    candle. It will give me a place to go and hide out when I'm feeling low and to talk to my babies. I always talked to Penny and told her the story of how we got her, word for word the same, time after time. She would always get very quiet and look at me intently. I'm sure it was just words to her but she knew I was telling her something important.

    Thank you all again SO much. It's been a dreadful three days but I know her pain and worries are over and there is some peace in that. I love you all. Bambi
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    Bump! Really want those who replied to see post!

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    Bump! Bump!

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