thank you to all that have consoled me

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    I want each and every one to know that you have made such a difference to me in just letting me know that you understand about the loss of my little guy. There is not a day goes by, sometimes even just minutes, that I do not miss him. My heart will get stronger and maybe I can love another dog as much one of these days when I gain strength.
    I do know that he was the best therapy I have ever had. He loved me no matter what I looked like or how awful I felt he was with me, always right next to me in my chair, or on our walks and at night when we went to bed. He was my constant companion.
    Thanks to those who suggested Rainbow Bridge. I have gone to the site and cried my heart out knowing the pain these people felt when they lost their close companions.
    I really liked one entry that said, our dogs or cats are our children with fur. That is really how I felt about my Rowdy.
    I wish all of my friends blessed days ahead and a lot of happiness on top of the pain we have daily in our lives.
    I thank God I can come to this site and whether I post or not I know there will be someone here feeling just like me and understand all of the things we have to bare with our illnesses. I always can read something that inspires me and pushes me to go on with daily life when it seems so hard to bear.
    Thanks to all and keep posting,
    lots of love,
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    So glad you seem to be doing better. We do know what you're going through. They are our babies. My husband and I talk about our kitty and dog all the time. One was 15 the other 18. We're retired and they were truly our kids.

    We watch Dog Whisper on the national geog. channel on cable and enjoy seeing all the animals. If I ever get past my allergies, we're going to maybe get another kitty. Hugs, GB66