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    i want to thank you all for the messages. i feal sometimes that all we have is each other! the one thing about living in maine is that the weather keeps your body acting up. the weather effects me so bad. i have arth, deb disk des, deg joint des, and many others. so it is a crap shot of what is going to hit hardest. i will tell you when it is a bad day i can barley move and i can not seem to make the doctor understand. i am goin to see one doctor that has helped me, he can not deal with pain issues, but he helps. he is lining up a pain specilist to see me. i just hope it is soon. i was told by this doctor to ask for oxycotin or the equiveliant for times when the is so bad i cry. i thoughtthe doctor was going to rip off my head. i got up and limped out of his ofice. it does no good to complain. i did get lidoderm patcheds 5% for my muscles last week. i have only gotted a little relife with them..
    i realy appricate your words of courage.