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    thank you 2painful....i just read your post..yes i do have a lot on my plate, but don't we all???
    i try my hardest not to dweel on all the bad...the kids being the wors5t definately adds to my physical pain..i just wrote a long thingy under the serenity prayer....and thank you for encouraging me to do the profile, although a bit brief i know..i am doing the guifenesin protocol now, and have more energy and am less foggy than my usual...also a very very strick hypoglycemic diet...i never thought it would mean that much to how i feel, but i do feel more like a 'normal'!!!lololololool
    anthony, my poodle is the best!!!!! he is not allowed on our bed...until he leaves!!! he knows with me its great...he is so smart and so amazing!!!i play with him all the time..i was a cat woman , he is my first dog, and i swear, i took one look at him and knew we were meant to be together...he also has a bit of a sneaky side about him, it is his spunk..i love it....
    well, gonna grab a piece of cheese and lie down...thank you again for being you...m.

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