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    thank you for your prayers my health is improving,
    i stiil need urgent prayers for finaces though even though we were able to get our water back on we were unable to pay the gas so now no heat or hot water which wouldnt be so bad if my sons father wasnt threating to have him taken from me
    its going to take 410.00 to get the gas back on they said they would spilt it in half but thats a hugh amount right now,the bill was only 87 the rest is deposits i called des and many other places even some chuches and havent been able to get help,i realy need a boost in spirts right now
    im just so thankful my husband got my computure fixed even though everything i have ever had saved was totally wiped out,i was starting to get soo depressed not being able to talk to everyone
    agin thank you very much for all your help
    bless you all
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