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    I wanted to thank everyone for praying for me and my family! I know when I come here and lay my prayers in front of you and you prayer warriors pray for me the picture I see of the prayer warriors I see,

    "A box ring of all of you and the devil and you all are kicking that devil's butt all over the place!"

    Anyhow I wanted to thank you all for praying for me...especially me..the newborn baby in God's Word and my family!

    Know that I pray for you as well and everyone else.

    My pray has always been for peace for the whole world!

    Blessed be those who pray,

    PS. I am going now to the list for prayers because you all know how life is!

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    I have been saved going on 5 years but in those 5 years the devil has been going at me as well.

    I truly have the peace I have search for my entire life.

    I am considering in getting one of the books I mention on the other thread.

    I have to go back and research which has three different parts to it and it is really for people that are not saved.

    It will help in fighting I think the devil and give me an insight I believe and I also can pass it on to another that is not saved and struggling!

    Prayers for you sister!

    In christ's name
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    Let me try and be short am never short.
    I thought I was going to be a nun when I was little girl. That change when I found out I could not marry.

    I had a bus driver that came to my house when I was a child and he would picked me up to go to vacation bible school and at the end we went into the big church and the Lord called me up to be baptisted. I thought that was it that was all I had to do and that is all that happened.

    I been through some stuff through out my entire life and each and everything was related to me not walking by faith and only by sight and the devil had my soul and not knowing anything about God and his word and most of all the sacrife that Jesus made for us/me.

    Mine you, the devil caused all kinds of bad things. In my childhood, teenage years and adulthood I mean bad things up until 5 years ago. I could write a book and it would be a best seller on the bad things vs. good things.

    I am the type of person if I don't feel the spirit and I am uncomfortable in a church I will not go back.

    The preacher really has to speak the word to me and I mean that by me understanding him and that the sermon really is about what is going on with me at that time or my family!

    The Lord called me at home..not on the
    We called the pastor and I got reborned again on that coming Sunday.

    I could not wait and after I came out of the water I cried happy tears! Happy tears are the best!

    That preacher is/was a true messenger and that was and still is a true church home for me especially if the people there are willing to be like a true family should be.

    My husband now but not then brought me to that church and the Lord did as well...also the Lord brought us together!

    So it happens girlfriend...miracles..but you have to have faith and believe!

    I am truly blessed to have my husband! A true God send!I do have to admit this disease{s} of mine came after I was baptised among other I am still struggling but I am trying to look at it in a postive way!

    But your question

    The devil has come at me several times, he knows my weakness but he knows I have the strength to fight him and I am also seeking the power by seeking the word and God through my prayers and others prayers for me. It is in the word...the fruits of the spirit and believing in God!God knows what is in your heart look inside yourself and act on that love for him!

    Go to the bible for help!
    B.I.B.L.E= Basic Instructional Manual Before Leaving Earth

    Sorry I made this so long and talk about myself but I felt I had to answer you before I went to bed!

    I hope this answers your question and if you need to talk or ask anymore questions I will try and be there for you!

    Lord willing I will be here tomorrow!

    Good night,
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