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    Thanks to all of you who replied to my post yesterday. I'm grateful to start making new friends.
    As far as the chest pains, the rib pain is all the way around my diaphram, back, sides and front. I can't sleep on my stomach b.c. of the Deg. Disc Disease. Mostly I sleep on my back with a heating pad, but then I switch to my sides about 20 times a night! I have a pillow between my legs or under my legs (if I'm on my back) at all times. When I was pregnant, I had to sleep almost sitting up. I did that again last night. It helps a little, but of course, when you're sitting up, your mouth hangs open and gets very dry!LOL... So about 4:30 this morning, I gave up, and layed on my side again. It was only 4 hours later that I woke up in pain.

    I have had very sharp pains in my chest before also. I almost thought I was having a heart attack! They went away after about a week and have never returned.

    I'd like to buy this new bed I saw on the net. It's a SAM bed. Self-Adjusting mattress. But unfortunately, it's $1500 for a queen size! EEK!!! I can barely keep my kid in diapers, let alone buy that... Does anyone have one of these? Does it help?
    Well, thanks again everyone, for making me feel welcome!