Thankful.....One Year Ago God Directed Me Towards Improved Health

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    Hi Everyone,

    At church this past Sunday was the "Blessing of the Throats" where the Priest prays for healing of each of our affictions. It reminded me of how grateful I's a little background, and what happened one year ago....

    I have had fibromyalgia for 21 years. I had been searching for many years for treatments that would address the viral cause (developed it after a bad respiratory infection) instead of just offering pain meds, etc that I did not want. I was already exercising regularly at Curves which did help a little.

    Everywhere I had looked it was the same old story....they all said FM cause was unknown, patients often had a mental health history (that is extremely frustrating to me since I never had any mental health depression, etc), and treatments mainly consisted of pain meds, depression meds, etc.

    I had been looking on the internet for many years for viral treatments, etc that were available in my area....but nothing... year ago I received the Blessing of the Throats after Mass. Before approaching the priest, I prayed that I would find some healing of the fibromyalgia.

    Three days later, while doing my first internet search for newer fibromyalgia treatments since being at church....there it was.....

    I was directed to this website, and an article regarding antiviral treatment with the name of Dr Daniel Dantini in FL. I had never seen this before. I Googled his name and carefully read his entire office website. I am an RN, so I felt confident that what I was reading was not a was very detailed and made perfect sense.

    The most amazing thing was that he offered telephone consults. I called his office the same day....and had my first consult that evening via phone.

    After a lengthy phone consult, the Dr ordered viral testing and delayed food allergy testing(sensitivities). I had the blood drawn locally and it was sent away. Eleven days later I got the results....several viruses still showing as recent infections with high levels after many years, and 22 food sensitivities.

    He ordered an antiviral medication and prescribed an elimination diet.

    Ten days after starting the med and the diet, I noticed that I no longer limped when getting up to the bathroom at night. I also had alot less stiffness, soreness, achiness, fatigue and brain fog.

    That was the beginning of a 50-70% improvement in my FM. I took the med for 6 months. The 5 month long elimination diet turned out to be extemely instrumental in my improvement.

    I found out that over the years of having FM, food sensitivities had developed that were significantly contributing to making my symptoms worse. I found out that sugar and high fructose corn syrup made my pain, stiffness, soreness, fatigue and brain fog much, much worse, so I have to avoid them now.

    I also discovered that I could still eat the other 20 sensitive foods as long as I take digestive enzymes.

    I still marvel at how God heard my prayer and that of the Priest and directed me to find that Dr.

    There are very few Dr's in the country who acknowledge the role of foods/ingredients in illness, especially FM. I thank God that He directed me to find a Dr who helped me find improved health.

    For all of you who are suffering...keep praying, have faith, and never give up.
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    That is such good news. just keep up the faith. We all need to have more faith in God.
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    I needed this positive post. :) thanks