Thanking our Father for this Worship Board.......

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    Dear Friends: I would just like to say a lttle prayer for those of you who so freely give of yourselves to helping others get through critical times in their lives.

    Dear Father,

    I would like to offer up a prayer of Thanksgiving for each caring person who comes to this Worship Board and offers uplifting prayers for so many. At difficult times, all we have is the reassurance that Jesus loves us. We may go through periods where we cannot get through the grief to lay the words in our hearts before our Lord.
    I thank you, Dear Father, for these who will intercede on our behalf by their prayers, by their comforting words, and by their compassion.
    Bless our community of prayer friends, Dear Father, and please let us all remember that we are our brother's keeper. And that if we can make a difference in someone's life, what greater gift can we give them than lifting them up in prayer.
    I thank you Lord that in order to receive a blessing, we only have to come to this room and we have been blessed by the prescence of so many wonderful Christians. I am lifting up each and every wonderful prayer friend to you now, dear God. Please guide them and direct them in all they say and do, so that we all can benefit and walk more the walk of a Christian.
    Amen, and again I say Amen.

    May God bless you and yours at this special time of the year.

    Friends in Christ,
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    This board has also been a blessing to me.

    Each time that I come to this board I feel the ever-flowing love that comes from heaven it may be in the form of a poem, a quote, a saying, an inspirational Bible quote, an inspirational phrase, a prayer, a thought, a meditation or words of wisdom.

    I thank the Lord each day that I can get on this board and say a prayer or be an inspiration to someone in need.

    I am so thankful to each person on this board, We are all in this together. Just because we don't see each other does not mean we do not exist and that we are not all pulling in the same direction.

    I am so thankful for each person on this board, Each person on this board has been a blessing to me.

    I am so thankful for all the dear friends that I made on this board, They have truly been a blessing to me when I have been in need of prayer or just someone to talk to they have been there for me.

    Many Blessings to all, Judy