thanks 4 your kind replies to my 1st post/also, i need opinions

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    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who replied to my post regarding the almost constant sore throat that I have on top of the muscle and joint pain and fatigue and blah blah blah. ( I don't need to tell you all how I feel because unfortunately you all feel the same way) Anyway I am liking this forum and it is nice to be validated for once in my life. Even my husband doesn't believe me or care or both. The only thing worse than suffering is having all the suffering be invalidated by those you love. (I'm sure you all can relate to that as well.)

    Unfortunately I am going to have to wait another month before I can go to the doctor that was recommended to me that treats CFS. I am scared to go because I have been so mistreated and invalidated by doctors in the past that i had given up on trying to get help.

    Here's a brief history on why I think I have CFS....It started after I had Mono. Seems like the fatigue and sore throat from the mono never completely went away. For a year or two it was just the sore throat and fatigue. Then I start getting joint pain too. First occassionaly, then almost all the time. My mom and my brother both have been Dx w/ CFS. I am interested in the opinion of all of you here on this forum. Do you think I have CFS?

    Thank you for reading my rant. Any advice and opinions are appreciated and i thank you in advance.

    Wishing and praying for healing and peace for everyone here, mmmsccc =^.^=
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    Only your doctor can really tell you if you have CFS. They need to rule out other things than can cause pain and fatigue, like hypothyroidism, especially.

    If you live with your mom and brother, you should read one of Dr. David Bell's books: he is a renowned doctor who has treated many many kids and whole families that have come down with CFS.

    If you do have CFS, do you know anything that has helped your mom and brother? Maybe because you are genetically related, what has helped them would also help you.

    I'm sorry you feel so sick, and I truly hope you don't have CFS. But you know what? If you do, then you know we'll be here for you!

    If you get diagnosed with it, I suggest you read Stormyskye's and Mikie's posts (just put in search above) with an eye out for natural things that have helped them, and try to incorporate some of them into your quest for a stronger immune system and less pain and fatigue.

    Have hope: 80% reportedly recover in 2 years, and more by the 4 year point: may you be one who does even better!!

    There's always hope!
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    I have been tested for everything imaginable and all tests have come back i am pretty sure it is CFS. But then again...if most people recover within 2 to 4 years, then maybe it isn't CFS since I have had these symptoms for about 10 years. Some years have been better than others....sometimes I have even thought I had fully recovered because I've gone months without symptoms and then BAM! It's back.

    Here I go ranting again... Thank you again for your reply and thanks for the sugggestion on the book. I'm big on self help books...I'll check it out!

    Take care, mmmsccc =^.^=
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    Welcome MMM. I am so glad you found this board. It is a great support and is so good to know that there are others who understand. I hate that there are others that suffer, but finding each other does help.
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    thank you all for your kind support and advice. i am so glad to have found this forum. I hope i am able to offer some advice and support too. I dont have a computer so i have to use one whenever i get the energy to go to the library or stay after work. (yes, i have managed to hold down a job, but go straight home and sleep til it's time to get up...and sleep all day on my days off.) I hope that the fact that i do hold a full time job doesn't cause this new doctor to discredit my symptoms. I work out of husband is not good at keeping jobs and spends so much money. we could not pay our bills without me.

    I have much more to write but will do it at another time. I am exhausted and need to go home and rest. *whoosh* that's another problem i've run into...even tho i am so tired, i have so much on my mind that i can't sleep even with the sleeping meds. i have. I have anxiety and depression as well as all this physical pain and fatigue.

    sorry to rant and complain again, but it does help. so thank eveyone for reading.
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    I have had CFS for 22 years. I have not had a remission, but have become steadily worse. Have you been treated for the mono. My doctor just found out I have a chronic mono virus and mono virus is still in my system.

    It has been a long hard battle just finding a doctor who knows that these are real illness. I was wondering have you ever been tested for Herpesvirus6, Epstein Barr Virus, Yeast, and Cytomegalovirus (this causes flu-like Fatigue)?

    I was just tested for these AFTER 22 YEARS!!!!! and all of these came back POSITIVE!!!

    These viruses have messed up my immunesystem, thyroid, and hormones. I am just starting treatment. I am very hopeful, for the first time in years and years.

    Good luck to you,

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    mrstyedawg, i thank you for your advice. i haven't been tested in years, but I have had both the Epstein Barr (sp) and Cytamegalo sp? virus as well as mono. When i had mono years ago, i was in the hospital for a day or two but i really don't remember what they did as far as treatment. i get health insurance soon and i will be sure to mention that they should test me to see if these viruses are still lingering in my body. I am scared to death that i will be invalidated by doctors for the rest of my life and never find someone to dx me and treat me. But i also realize that if i dont start trying again, i will definately never find a dr that will treat me. Wish me luck and if you pray, please pray for me as well. I pray that you get some good treatment soon. thank you again mrstyedawg.