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    saw your post on mold... THANKS SO MUCH!!!!! I would have no clue what to do. Something has been bothering me for years now.... a smell. I smell it as soon as I walk in the door. EVERYONE that comes in my house says, "our house is so clean, and smells so clean", but to me that smell I smell is not of a clean house, and I am now wondering if it is a mold I smell: The location fits to where it would be located downstairs under the front door.

    I will let you know. I think my husband is going to try and make some calls today, finally a day off for him. Good way to celebrate our wedding anniversary... dealing with possible house mold :(
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    You are welcome like I posted just be careful of what company you hire as the one we were sent has a franchise and is throughout the US. They probably have the same contract. Read the contracts well and do not sign one that relieves them of all resposibilty. Please hire a qualified company and not one that states that they are require that they put in writing exactly how they are going to do everything and also google it and make sure it sound like it seems like the right procedure. Getting all of it in writing as far is how they intend to remove it I think will provide a better way to protect you and your family and also you can determine if chemicals are to be used if you want them used or if you want it to be totally replaced. We would have had it totally replaced but were not given the option. Good luck and I hope if it is mold your health will improve after the removal.