Thanks dear ones

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    You are all so very8 special for sending alll thoseprayer5s out for me. It meant so much.

    Yes, i did get to meet my friends for lunch. I saw the Dr. - he looked at my knees and said that the left one, had already had arthoscopic - was just worn out. He would suggest surgery on it. Wanted to do it Friday after next. I old him that my grandson was getting married on Sept. 8 and really want to attend that.

    He suggested that I make the date with my PCP and let him know. Should be done in tyhe hospital that hubby always goes to.k But---------so far, none of the 3 kids have said that they would ome and stay with their dad while I was in the hospital.

    I would have to hire someone to come into our house after surgery to get meals, all tghe things that need to be done.

    Sooooo, right now I am on hold.

    Thanks dear ones.