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    for your kind words. I do beleive this young man is also a Christian, he kept thanking the Lord and me all afternoon. When I knocked at his door the 2nd time to bring him more things, I am quite sure he was on his knees praying.

    I am still in awe that it all worked out yesterday. I've also known that God works in mysterious ways and my own everyday life was tested this week too.

    Now if I can just get my body out of bed tomorrow and start going back to church. Haven't been in months and I am finding that I really do miss it.

    A lot of stuff has been going on the past few months and I simply have not had the energy to do church and everything else.

    One big stresser is being taken care of today, so hopefully that part of my life will get back on track.
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    You aren't alone. The only socializing I had left up until a few months ago was bible study and church. The last times I tried it, it triggered a flare that lasted a week. I get panic attacks just thinking about it. I don't understand, because I would think God would want me to go. I am in conversation all the time with the Lord and I back to daily bibly reading and study and listen to Christian music daily and witness whenever I can. I did voluteer too in the nursery for Oct. Please pray that my health will allow it, and while you at it you might want to pray for me to get disablity one of these years! Deb