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    For the info on Dr. Vallance. I heard his name before but not sure where. He sounds good. I will call about getting an appt. Is he a rheumatologist? I am just not happy with the Dr. I have been seeing the past few years. On my last visit, I felt like he was just going thru the motions, and I felt like I was just complaining. He never mentioned Fibro to me, just was not sure what was wrong, but treated me for RA. I think I do have RA, but from what I have learned about Fibro, I definitely have it too. I was told by a physical medicine doctor that I have Fibro. I have so many of the symptoms. Do you live near Monroe? Thanks again....Pattie
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    It was nice to come into work this morning and see your message. I don't have a computer at home so have to use the computer when I'm not busy or during my break.

    I hope you will be as happy with Dr. Vallance as I have been. Yes, he is a rheumatologist. I hope you don't have to wait too long to get in. I found him after years of searching. Like you, I've had my experiences with bad doctors.

    I live about 45 minutes from Monroe. I don't want to say what town I live in since this is the Internet, but I live in a smaller town that starts with a "T". You can probably figure out where I live. I used to go to Monroe a lot to see Dr. Barbour. I tried massage therapy and acupunture with him, but stopped going when it really didn't help.

    Anyway, let me know how things go with Dr. Vallance.

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    I went to see Dr. Barbour too. I felt it was a waste. I could not believe what he was charging my insurance carrier, and to me it seemed the therapists just wanted to chat. Some days other than the massage (which I felt was a waste
    too) they would take me for the exercise and show me the same exercises over and over, and some days just chat.

    I have been thru several doctors too, I feel bad not being able to be happy with then as of yet. I did like the one but all he did was inject me every month with steroids, which helped but only temporary. The one I see now seemed so uninterested last visit. I think good Rheumatologists are hard to find.

    Keep in touch

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    Since you said you've also gone to Dr. Barbour, I thought you would be interested to know that yesterday afternoon I had a call from Dr. Barbour's office. They said they were calling patients they hadn't seen in awhile to see how they were doing. I told the lady I was seeing another doctor in Ann Arbor and was doing better. Then she told me that they are in their new facility and have a pool (I can't remember what else) for therapy.

    But, like you, I felt it was a waste of time. I shouldn't have gone as long as I did. It was hard for me to drive that far (especially after working-I was working full-time then), so my husband and mother-in-law took turns driving me. They did this after I fell asleep driving to my appt. one time. Really scared me that I could have caused an accident and hurt or killed an innocent person.

    The massage therapy felt good while they were doing it, but it didn't last long afterward. The acupuncture was sometimes painful. One time Dr. Barbour put a needle in my left ankle (near the round bone-don't know what it's called). It was really painful having the needle in even after he adjusted it. When he took it out, it really bled. It really hurt for several days afterward and I was limping. After that, I cancelled the acupunture. I had been doing it for several months and saw no improvement.

    Sorry-didn't mean to go on for long. Can you believe that at one time I hardly talked at all? Just thought you would find this interesting.

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    Hi Ellen
    Yes they are in their new spot. I went to the old one for my first appt, didnt know they had moved. The new place is gorgeous, Huge, they have a pool, hot tub, and some sort of salt water or some such tank to float in. They kept telling me they were going to have the doctor order me the water therapy, but it NEVER happened. I actually saw Dr. Barbour's associate Dr. Henderson. The initial appt was impressive, but the treatments were more or less a joke. Too much chit chat, and I agree the massage felt ok while they were doing it, but no lasting relief. Dr Henderson talked about Accupuncture but it never happened either and after hearing what you said I am glad of it. I just stopped going. I think they may be helpful for some, maybe for rehab from an accident or something, but not for me. I think it is just a money tank, they have you coming so many times a week, and billing my insurance over $200. a visit, for pretty much nothing. I am hoping once I get my hip replaced I may feel better. I cannot imagine that long drive, I am glad you didnt have an accident when you fell asleep driving. What happened? Thank goodness you are ok. Thank needle with your foot sounds horrible. Ouch. I had a steroid injection in the bottom of my foot once, and it was the most painful thing I ever had. I almost passed out so I know what you mean. If it made you limp and more sore, what good was it for you. Write again. Pattie

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    Yes, I agree that Dr. Barbour's office just keeps you going even though it isn't helping you. It's definitely a good money maker for them. I really don't think it's the place to go for FMS.

    As for me falling asleep at the wheel, I was very lucky. It happened on a straight stretch of road out in the country. I just remember driving along and feeling sleepy and the next thing I remembered was being farther down the road and not remembering how I got there. I was so lucky that there wasn't any traffic around me. God and my guardian angel was definitely looking out for me. After that happened, I never drove there myself again. I was just trying to do too much.

    Since that time I have cut my hours at work and now just work mornings and so far that is working out pretty good. I also have the summer off (mid-May through mid-August). I also take a nap every afternoon and that is helping. And, of course, with seeing Dr. Vallance, I am having less pain with the morphine and am sleeping better at night. Dr. Vallance also has me on gabitril which is helping the restless legs syndrome. I hope he is able to help you as much as he has helped me. The only things about the morphine is that it doesn't help my achy pain, but I am thankful it helps the sharp, shooting pains. And the morphine also has caused me to have constipation problems. I've been taking fiber tablets and I try to get a lot of fiber in my diet. I've still had problems, so recently I started drinking a small glass of prune juice every day and I am starting to see some improvement. Always something, isn't it?

    I have tomorrow off so I won't be back here again until Monday. It's going to be a busy weekend. Tomorrow I have to go to Morenci to see my mentally ill brother whom I am guardian of to take him his Easter basket and spend a little time with him. I won't be his guardian too much longer, though. I am trying to eliminate as much stress as possible, and while I love my brother, has can be hard to deal with sometimes. Easter will be at my in-laws. They live close to us.

    Well, I better get off here. I have work to do. You have a good,and hopefully not too painful, Easter.