Thanks Everyone For Praying For My Sisters Baby

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    My Sister brought the baby to the Neurosurgeon just before I went on a weeks holiday. When she went in he hadnt even bothered to read her notes and did not even know where she came from.

    He examined her and said she did not have a spinal tumour.He also told her the baby would never walk. The girl who brought her from Russia went with her.

    He never even mentioned removing the unsightly lump at the end of her spine. She is going to get. a second opinion.I think myself she would be better off to take her to someone like a Child Specialist who knows about Spina Bifeda.

    Please keep Praying.

    God Bless,
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    This doctor doesn`t seem very compassionate or caring. I`m sure there is someone out there that can help this baby. Keep looking. I will continue to pray about this.

    Your sister is an angel to take in this child. I am sure there will be many challenges, but many rewards as well.

    Best wishes,
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